An In Sanity We Trust Production

End of Season 1

So that’s the end of of season 1!

It’s been great so far and the group have enjoyed the story so far, we’ve had our troubles with the system, but the experience has been very enjoyable. The group is now moving on to a new game and a new project. The podcast of the Dresden Files game has been a real success and so the group has decided to do this as a regular thing. So I am pleased to announce the creation of In Sanity We Trust Productions! I have transferred all of the podcast archives over to the new site and I will keep the City on the River website as well. Tonight is the Character Creation session for Mass the Effecting, which is going to be run by Chris (Richard), check out the wiki for more information. An AP thread will also be going up as well.

I just want to thank all of our listeners for all of the comments and suggestions that you have given over the past couple of months, you’ve helped me and the group immensely in making the podcast and the game better. And do not despair, the Dresden Files will be returning in the future.

Thanks you again and I hope that people will enjoy Mass: the Effecting and all of our future projects.

Arran (soon to the most bad ass Krogan in the the Galaxy)


One response

  1. Aaron

    I stumbled on Die Another Day on iTunes and loved it, I’m using your city and character creation to inspire a group for a Sydney based game I want to run.

    October 31, 2012 at 9:01 am

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