An In Sanity We Trust Production

Faris al-Farik

Biography | Character Sheet

Born in the 17th century, Faris is a Scion, a half-demon sired by the monstrous Vlad Drakul. Once he was an agent of evil, but now he tries to atone for the wrongs of his past by standing up for those who cannot help themselves. He fights the forces of darkness wherever he finds them, including within his own soul.

What Faris thinks of the other PCs:

On JB: “If it weren’t for JB, I’d still be trapped in the Nevernever. There’s no one I’d rather have at my side in a fight, she can hold her own against almost anything.”

On Oliver: “The most honourable man I know. In spite of our differences, I consider him a friend.”

On Oriana: “I’ve known Oriana a long time, but I still don’t know what to make of her. I know she’s with us, but I can rarely discern her motives.”

On Richard: “I don’t think I’ll ever trust wizards, not after everything that’s happened. That said, Richard and I have reached an…understanding. Sharing a soulgaze will do that.”

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