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Faris’ Character Sheet

Name: Faris al-Farik (“the Deadly Knight”), Scion

High Concept: Reformed Scion of Vlad Drakul
Trouble: History is Written in Blood

Other Aspects:
Former Mamluk
Through Hope, My Chains were Broken
Red Knight’s Nemesis
Comrades in Arms
Parkour Troupe

Superb (+5): Weapons
Great (+4): Athletics, Fists
Good (+3): Alertness, Discipline, Endurance
Fair (+2): Intimidation, Might, Stealth
Average (+1): Empathy, Lore, Survival, Conviction

Stunts / Powers:
[-1] Cloak of Shadows
[+1] Human Form affecting:
-[-2] Inhuman Speed
-[-2] Inhuman Strength
-[-2] Inhuman Toughness*
[-2] Inhuman Recovery*
[+2] The Catch: Holy Weapons, water, items etc
[-1] Wall of Death (Weapons)

Physical Stress: □□□□[□□]
Mental Stress: □□□
Social Stress: □□

Refresh: 2

Significant Milestone: Raised Weapons from Great (+4) to Superb (+5)
Minor Milestone: Switched Survival and Stealth
Major Milestone: Added 1 point of Refresh; raised Conviction to Average (+1)

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