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J.B.’s Character Sheet

Name: J.B. (Joanne Beverly) Clarke, Emissary of Power

High Concept: Chosen of the Dolydd Dwr
Trouble: In service to the great…again!

Other Aspects:
Freelance Security Consultant
It should’ve been me
Earth’s Gauntlet
The Subtlety of Wizards
Thicker than water

Superb (+5): Empathy
Great (+4): Alertness, Fists
Good (+3): Athletics, Lore, Rapport
Fair (+2): Discipline, Endurance, Presence
Average (+1): Contacts, Driving, Guns

Stunts / Powers:
[-1] Marked by Power
[-1] Supernatural Senses (Earth Affinity)
[-2] Worldwalker
[-2] Inhuman Recovery*
[-2] Inhuman Toughness*
[+2] The Catch: Must be touching the ground
[+2] Item of Power (Gauntlets of the Dolydd Dwr):
-[-2] Inhuman Strength
-[-1] Claws

Physical Stress: □□□[□□]
Mental Stress: □□
Social Stress: □□□

Refresh: 2

Significant Milestone: Raised Empathy from Great (+4) to Superb (+5)
Major Milestone: Added 1 point of Refresh; raised [Skill] to Average (+1)
Minor Milestone: Swapped Rapport and Fists

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