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Oriana’s Character Sheet

Name: Oriana Stefani, White Court Vampire

High Concept: Favourite Daughter of House Stefani
Trouble: Femme Fatale

Other Aspects:
Original print of Das Kapital
Everyone Has a Price
The Silver Capricorn Will Triumph
Viva la Revolution!
Only the Best

Superb (+5): Resources
Great (+4): Deceit, Discipline
Good (+3): Guns, Athletics, Empathy
Fair (+2): Contacts, Alertness, Presence
Average (+1): Fists, Intimidation, Rapport

Stunts / Powers:
[-1] Emotional Vampire
[+0] Human Guise
[-1] Incite Emotion: Greed (Touch Only)
[+1] Feeding Dependency (Greed):
-[-2] Inhuman Recovery*
-[-2] Inhuman Speed
-[-2] Inhuman Strength
[+0] The Catch: True Charity

Physical Stress: □□
Mental Stress: □□
Social Stress: □□□
Hunger Stress: □□□□

Refresh: 2

Significant Milestone: Raised Resources from Great (+4) to Superb (+5)
Major Milestone: Added 1 point of Refresh; raised [Skill] to Average (+1)

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