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Richard’s Character Sheet

Name: Richard Merovech Masson, Wizard

High Concept: The Spy Who Hexed Me
Trouble: The Sea’s Lost Children

Other Aspects:
I Never Really Was On Your Side
I Despise The Arrogance Of The Powerful
Tearing Off The Mask
Watch, Wait And Learn

Superb (+5): Discipline
Great (+4): Conviction, Lore
Good (+3): Burglary, Deceit, Stealth
Fair (+2): Alertness, Investigation, Empathy
Average (+1): Athletics, Weaponry, Presence, Rapport

Stunts / Powers:
[-3] Evocation
[-3] Thaumaturgy
[-1] The Sight
[+0] Soulgaze
[+0] Wizards Consitution
[-1] Refinement (Air Power +1)

Evocation Disciplines: Air, Spirit, Water

Evocation Specialisation – Air (Power +2)
Thaumaturgy Specialisation – Crafting (Strength +1)

Focus Items:
Prospero’s Gloves – +1 offensive control for Air
Sea’s Lost Compass – +1 defensive power for Water

Enchanted Items:
Tarasque Hide Jacket – +2 Armour 2/Day
Snake King’s Watch – Veil (+4-strength block vs sight) 2/Day
Velvet Mask – Shapeshift to match target’s appearance & voice (+5-strength manoeuver on self) 1/Day
Gevaudan Fetish – Attack (+5-strength Spirit attack) 1/Day

Cold Lightning – Air Attack +5 (Lightning bolt)
Shimmer – Spirit Block (Sight) +4 (Veil)
Tempest – Air Offensive Manoeuver +5 (Knocks target from their feet, opposed by target’s Might, applies ‘Knocked Down’ temporary aspect
Wavebreak – Water Block +5

Physical Stress: □□
Mental Stress: □□□□
Social Stress: □□□

Refresh: 2

Significant Milestone: Raised Discipline from Great (+4) to Superb (+5)
Major Milestone: Added 1 point of Refresh; raised Presence to Average (+1)

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2 responses

  1. Curtis

    Refinements good for two +1 specializations unless you’ve house ruled it.

    February 8, 2012 at 9:26 am

  2. Quite right, will clear this up with Chris next game session.

    February 8, 2012 at 9:03 pm

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